Egokills30.04.2022 11:33
Fantom Studio
We booked three studio days for bass guitar recordings. Mika nailed all songs in about four hours. Luckily we have a lot of other stuff to do here.

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Egokills13.04.2022 15:20
Exactly one year ago we immortalized this man's birthday by releasing the song Sweat on this date! This year we celebrate our dear Mika by rehearsing new songs!

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Egokills02.04.2022 11:10
A perfect sunny spring weekend to spend in the studio, sounding better than ever before. #egokills #guitars #guitarists #fantomstudio #inthestudio #mattilötjönen #albumnumberthree
Egokills05.03.2022 11:38
Fantom Studio
When a certain asshole has started a full scale war against our freedom, we must use that freedom in the best way we can. And help Ukraine in every way we can. #slavaukraini #egokills #inthestudio #albumnumberthree
Egokills05.01.2022 15:21
Fellow Mellowheads! Happy New Year 2022!

One year ago we put out our latest song Utopia:

Two years ago we played our most recent live show. It's been a while. The shows will come when the time is right, but first we will finish Album III. No matter how long it takes.

For these past two pandemic years we have not had the resources to hustle with booking, cancelling, postponing, rebooking, recancelling & repostponing live shows. All our respect to everyone who does that - it’s amazing.

We are focusing on Egokills album number three instead. We know this album is gonna be a special one and we wanna be sure we can play live once it’s out. We love you all!

Let’s make everything better in 2022! Stay safe, stay mellow! Peace!

📷: @photoherman
Egokills18.11.2021 09:44
Happy Birthday to drum gentleman @vilhorajala! ☀️ Have a good one! 📷 by @rocktografia

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